Booking and ticket fees

Complete arrangement * per Person CHF 40
Complete arrangement  max. per file CHF 100
Individual booking per Person CHF 50
Flight only bookings Ticketing fee per Person CHF 70
Last minute offers * per Person CHF 50

 * On all MSC, Kuoni, Hotelplan, FTI, Manta und Helvetic Tours packages from CHF 2'000 and up, our booking fees are waived and we accept 100% REKA-Cheque.


Cancellation and change in booking

The general terms of cancellation and changes in booking will be handled according to the contract terms of Samui Beach Travel and their organizers.

GCC Samui Beach Travel Ltd liab. Co

Credit card payings
Our prices are calculated on cash payments, you either pay them in cash or by a post/ bank pay-in slip BESR.
In case you would like to pay your trip by credit card, PayPal then will reckon us a fee of 3.4%. This fee we unfortunately need to add up. Many thanks for your understanding.

We accept following credit cards: 

Fees on flight bookings
Air port taxes for the most are included on all inclusive arrangements of the organizer. They of coarse are published. Taxes on single flights particular individual bookings are expelled separately. These costs may differ a lot (CHF 50.00 till CHF 600.00) depending on the destination or flight route. A reason for those high taxes are high gasoline and secutity check expenses that those airlines also reckon up. On Inquiries we always indicate those flight prices where the airport fees as well the security check fees are included/displayed. Those taxes are variable and depend on the currency that is actual. The definite price only then can be confirmed and guaranteed when the tickets are issued.

REKA - ReisekasseWith us you can pay with REKA-Cheque!
Acceptance is limited to 50% of the package price and a maximum of CHF 500, - per person and trip.