We are experts for :

  • Trips to Thailand. We have direct contacts to important Thailandic services on the field of transportation, hotels, restaurants and trekking.
  • Flight bookings world wide. We are connected to modern flight reservation systems.
  • Holidays in Switzerland, immigration and emigration. We have contacts to transportation companies and can support you with all regulations and formal aspects.

We run a young engaged and serious family business. Our clients, particular you! should feel at comfort with us and should consider us as your partner that never will let you down. We always are willing to help you.

  • Do you want to escape from the cold Swiss winter and celebrate an unforgetable silvester evening ?
  • Would you like to confirm your yes-word/ marriage on a white sand beach ?
  • Would you like to plan an individual and guided trip through Thailand beyond every mass tourism ?
  • Would you just simply like to travel through Thailand on your own, knowing you always can contact us in cases of doubts, questions or problems ?
  • Would you like to travel as a group ?
  • Do you want to organize a congress ?
  • Do you want to emigrate and you need some support on that ?
  • Do you want to invite your familiy to Switzerland and they need some help concerning the Visa-formalities, insurances, transportation ?

For all these cases and of coarse for all other journeys to other countries than Thailand we would like to be your partner. According to our slogan : “ We organize and you enjoy “.